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Learn teradata certification from best Institutes in Howrah. Teradata is an Relational database management system provided by Teradata corporation to handle analytical queries and used to drive the Datamart, Data warehouse, OLAP, OLTP, as well as DSS Appliances of the company.It is a database related products and services as well as fully scalable Relational Database Management System. The applications of teradata include Active Enterprise Data Warehouse, Aster Platform, Backup, Archive and Restore, Query Grid, Platform Family. It provides parallel processing and performance(find optimal plan for the query). . The Teradata database system is based on off the shelf symmetric multiprocessing technology combined with communication networking, connecting symmetric multiprocessing systems to form large parallel processing systems.

It is capable of running on single as well as multi nodes. It is an Open System that basically executes for UNIX MR-RAS, Suse Linux ETC, WIN2K, etc.Some of the important components of teradata are Bynet, Access Module Processor (AMP), Parsing Engine (PE), Virtual Disk (vDisk )and a Virtual Storage System (VSS). Teradata has developed some new features.It has automated temporal analytics.It has provided extension in the compression capabilities which allows flexible compression of data about 20 times more data than the previous version. It also provides customer associated innovation like teradata viewpoint. Teradata uses some of the ETL Tools such as DataStage, Informatica, SSIS, etc.

Teradata Platform Family is a set of products that include the Teradata Data Warehouse, Database, and a set of analytic tools. The platform family is marketed as smaller and less expensive than the other Teradata products. The course covers the some of the topics like Teradata user’s scalability, Teradata &other RDBMS, Teradata warehouse, Teradata in the Enterprise, Real time Issues & resolvinga and Bynet Benefits and types. The candidate should understand relational database concepts, the major components, features, functionality, and Teradata’s data distribution and data access methods. The certification needs a exam to be completed which needs only relevant experience of minimum of 6 months working with teradata products.

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