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Learn QTP from best Institutes in Howrah. QuickTest Professional abbreviated as QTP developed by Hewlett Packard company is a GUI based testing tool for automated functionality. It allows to automation of the user actions on a web based or client based and desktop software application. It is known for better error handling mechanism and works together with Mercury Interactive WinRunner and HP Quality Center and also supports the Quality Assurance of an enterprise. Quick test pro is used to automate user actions (like mouse clicks and keyboard actions) of an application. This is provided by a GUI. It is used to specifically automate functional and regression testing.

QTP Supports 2 types of Object Repository 1) Shared Object Repository (also called Global) 2) Per-Action Object Repository, (also called Local). While QTP supports the following environments in which some of them are Active X, Delphi, Java, .Net, Oracle, People Soft, Power Builder, SAP, Siebel and Stingray. Action split is to divide an existing action into two parts.The purpose is to divide actions based on their functionality to improve code re-use. QTP identifies any GUI Object based on its corresponding properties. While recording, QTP will identify and store peculiar properties (as defined in the Object Identification settings) in the object repository of the GUI object. QTP supports 3 types of recording modes which are 1. Normal mode also called Contextual, 2. Low-level recording mode and 3.Analog mode. QTP emulates the users action on the virtual object during the run session. In the test results, the virtual object is displayed as though it is a standard class object.

The benefits of QTP are Standalone tool and integrated with Quality Center, Testing results stores in database automatically, can be used for analyzing system performance, Supports Key word driven testing, QTP Identifies objects, even if they change from build to build, By using QTP, Test execution time and cost will reduce and suitable for both client server and web based application.
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