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Learn Oracle 11i Supply Chain OM from best Institutes in Howrah. The Oracle Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics application consists of orders, invoices, backlogs and inventory. Sales orders are the entry point for the sales process. Invoices are the exit point from the fulfillment process. Backlogs are points of congestion in your fulfillment process. This coverage includes insight into which items are booked, backlogged, and invoiced. This allows you to evaluate the sales performance of individual sales representatives or departments. Oracle Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics application also provides you with information on Inventory Transactions, Inventory Balances, Bill of Materials and Customer and Supplier Returns.

An Order Management System, or OMS, is a computer software system used in a number of industries for order entry and processing. Order Management Systems is as a software-based platform that facilitates and manages the order execution of securities. Order Management Systems, are used on both the buy-side and the sell-side, although the functionality provided by buy-side and sell-side OMS differs slightly.

This enables companies to monitor inventory levels trend to Sales performance to improve cost exposure, increase turnover through inventory level reduction and increased velocity, properly deploy inventory at the right place / right time and better understand Customer and Supplier Returns to maintain quality.The Oracle Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics application allows you to analyze:1.Bill of materials, 2.Bookings, 3.Financial and Operational Backlogs, 4.Inventory held by an organization
5.Inventory movements in, out, and through manufacturing plants, distribution centers, or storage locations
6.Invoices 7.The movement of sales orders through different stages of the sales cycle.

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