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Learn NS2 from best Institutes in Howrah. NS2 stands for Network Simulator Version 2. It is an open-source simulation tool which is event-driven that runs on Linux and is designed specifically for research in computer communication networks. It is a discreet event simulator targeted at networking research and provides substantial support for simulation of routing, multicast protocols and IP protocols, such as UDP, TCP, RTP and SRM over wired and wireless (local and satellite) networks.
NS2 started as a variant of the REAL network simulator in 1989. REAL is a network simulator originally intended for studying the dynamic behaviour of flow and congestion control schemes in packet-switched data networks. It has many advantages that make it a useful tool, such as support for multiple protocols and the capability of graphically detailing network traffic. NS2 also supports for several algorithms in routing and queuing.
NS2 builds and runs under windows using Cygwin. Cygwin provides Linux like environment under windows. The system requirements includes a computer with C++ compiler. Building full NS2 package requires large memory space approximately 250MB. NS2 has a lot of features. It is a discrete event simulator for networking research. It provides substantial support to simulate bunch of protocols like TCP, FTP, UDP, HTTP and DSR. It simulates wired and wireless network. It is primarily Unix based and uses TCL as its scripting language. It is a Discrete event scheduler. NS2 consists of two key languages: C++ and Object-oriented Tool Command Language (OTcl). While the C++ defines the internal mechanism (i.e., a backend) of the simulation objects, the OTcl sets up simulation by assembling and configuring the objects as well as scheduling discrete events. The C++ and the OTcl are linked together using TclCL. Hence, Otcl: Object oriented support as well as Tclcl: C++ and otcl linkage is also supported by NS2.
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