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Learn IBM AIX 6L from best Institutes in Howrah. AIX Advanced Interactive eXecutive, is a series of proprietary Unix operating systems developed and sold by IBM for several of its computer platforms. AIX supports a wide variety of hardware platforms, including the IBM RS/6000 series and later POWER and PowerPC-based systems, IBM Systems i, System/370 mainframes, PS/2 personal computers, and the Apple Network Server. AIX is based on UNIX System V with 4.3BSD-compatible extensions. There are wide variety of reasons why more and more businesses are choosing the AIX OS running on IBM systems designed with Power Architecture technology.
With its proven scalability, advanced virtualisation, security, manageability and reliability features, the AIX OS is an excellent choice for building an IT infrastructure. And, AIX is the only OS that leverages decades of IBM technology innovation designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability of any UNIX OS. The AIX family of operating systems debuted in 1986, became the standard operating system for the RS/6000 series on its launch in 1990, and is still actively developed by IBM. It is currently supported on IBM Power Systems alongside IBM i and Linux
The newest version of AIX, Version 6.1, known as AIX 6, is binary compatible with previous versions of the AIX OS, including AIX 5L and even earlier versions of AIX. This means that applications that ran on earlier versions will be able to continue to run on AIX 6. AIX 6 is an open standards-based UNIX OS that is designed to comply with the Open Group’s Single UNIX Specification Version 3. AIX 6 runs on systems based on POWER4, PPC970, POWER5, POWER6 and the latest generation of POWER processor, POWER7. Most of the new features of AIX 6 are available on the earlier POWER processor-based platforms, but the most capability is delivered on systems built with the POWER6 and POWER7 processors.
The AIX OS is designed for the IBM Power, System p, System i, System p5, System i5, eServer p5, eServer pSeries and eServer i5 server product lines, as well as IBM BladeCenter blades based on Power Architecture technology and IBM IntelliStation POWER workstations.
AIX 6 extends the capabilities of the AIX OS to include new virtualisation approaches including the ability to relocate applications between systems without restarting the application, new security features to improve and simplify security administration, new availability features inspired by IBM legacy systems and numerous features designed to make the AIX OS easier and less expensive to manage.
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