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Learn Diploma in E-Publishing course from best training institutes in Howrah. Electronic publishing is the process of publication of e-books, EPUBS and electronic articles and the distribution of written information digitally through CD-ROMS, DVDs, portable document files or online over the internet or other networks. It takes advantage of networking tools and multimedia capability. Web publishing also known as online publishing is a major advance in ability to disseminate information. Some of the e-publishing products are online newspaper, online catalogue, CD-ROM, online news sources, file sharing, collaborative software, database which also includes some publishing through mobile apps like Rss, facebook, wikipedia and e-journals and more.

The e-publishing is mainly due to success of the devices upon which we read e-books—digital e-readers, tablet computers, smartphones, etc. which bring with them the advantages of being convenient, portable, cost-effective and easy-to-use. While publishing e-books, publishers have to address important issues regarding piracy and copyright. Rampant piracy in the music industry has given rise to concern in the minds of book publishers. In order to tackle e-book piracy, e-publishers are using DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology, which inhibits the use of digital content that is not desired or intended by the content provider, and also provides copy protection.

There can be a delay ranging from several months to more than two years. Before it is published in a journal, rendering journals a less than ideal format for disseminating current research. In some fields such as astronomy and some areas of physics, the role of the journal in disseminating the latest research has largely been replaced by preprint repositories such as Electronic Publishing provides jobs at various levels. Persons who are taking training in this field can get into any of the following positions such as Paginators, Proof Readers, Copy Editors, Language Editors, Pre-Editors, Graphic Designers more and more.
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