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Learn DCS PLC from best Institutes in Howrah. DCS or Distributed Control System is a network of Highly Powerful PLCs and Data Server. PLC is usually used for controlling medium or large scale applications, whereas DCS is used for controlling entire plant.So Distributed Control System used as Master where so many plc and controller with different protocol and complex networking are controlled by dcs with maximum redundancy and optimization. this is used specially in process industries no of IO are in thousands so plc is not able to handle such a large control system or PLC is not able to scan data faster.

A DCS combines one or more PLCs with an HMI, and allows the integrator to build both together. The project is often developed with the entire DCS in mind so that all aspects of the system are developed together - instead of developing the PLC first, then the HMI, followed by alarms, historian, etc.A DCS takes the PLC/HMI combo and combines several other features into an integrated package:

Servers and clients. The servers gather tag data from the PLC(s), contain the graphics, and serve both out to clients for operators to use.
Redundant servers, controllers and/or networks.
Synchronized alarming and security.
Historical data logging and trending.
Batch management.

Some of the benefits of the DCS/PLC combo are Reduced engineering time, Shorter start-ups, Minimal troubleshooting of included features and High availability via Redundant Controllers, Redundant operator system servers and Redundant networks.Easily integrated with Batch management, Process Historian and OPC server.. The below are list of institutes offeres best dcs plc training in Howrah. You will find training centers which offers dcs plc training with placement in Howrah. Leave your details to get the dcs plc course fee details from top 10 dcs plc training institutes in Howrah.
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