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Learn ATG from best Institutes in Howrah. Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform is a highly customizable, configurable framework for building and supporting Web sites, particularly sites used for e-commerce. It delivers a consistent, personalized cross-channel customer experience. ATG Web Commerce enables to deliver a personalized customer buying experience across all customer touch points, including the web, contact center, mobile devices, social media, physical stores, and more. The ATG platform runs on one of three application servers such as Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, or IBM WebSphere. It is used by high scale web sites. Java is used for coding ATG. It is highly scalable. Some of the companies which use ATG are Nike, BestBuy, ATNT, Walmart. ATG was acquired by Oracle in 2011 and it is also known as Oracle Commerce these days. It is now integrated with Endeca Search and even Siebel.

The ATG platform includes several layers. The Dynamo Application Framework (DAF) is the base platform layer. It provides a component development environment made up of JavaBeans and Java Server Pages (JSPs). Developers assemble applications out of component beans based on standard ATG classes or custom Java classes by linking them together through configuration files in Nucleus, ATG’s open object framework. The Personalization module (DPS) provides the code for supporting Web site content that changes dynamically for each user. Through this module you create and maintain user profiles and business rules that define which content to show to whom. Targeted e-mail is also supported by this layer. The Scenarios module (DSS) extends the content targeting capabilities of the Personalization module. Scenarios are time-sensitive, event-driven campaigns designed to manage interactions between site visitors and content over a long period.

Oracle ATG Capabilities include Multi-Channel e-Commerce, Portal Expertise, Oracle ATG Solution Architecture, Oracle ATG Core Application Framework, Oracle ATG Upgrades and Migrations, System Integration, Oracle ATG Merchandising Product Catalogs and Pricing and Content Architecture, ATG-CMS Integrations, Accelerated Development, Front End Development, Oracle ATG Personalization and Oracle Endeca, Order processing & fulfilment, Multisite administration, Business Analytics, Integration with 3rd party vendors, Oracle ATG Deployment and Maintenance, Oracle ATG Optimization and performance tuning.. The below are list of institutes offeres best atg training in Howrah. You will find training centers which offers atg training with placement in Howrah. Leave your details to get the atg course fee details from top 10 atg training institutes in Howrah.
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